2017 Highlights!

Did a lot of cool stuff in 2017 as a photographer, including hanging out in Oregon, Washington, and Yosemite National Park // successfully executed my first wedding season // met and photographed so many amazing and unique people // developed my magical and moody style // got bothered everyday by my cat while trying to […]

City Vibes Post-Elopement Session // Diane and Trenton

These two eloped at the Santa Barbara Courthouse, and two weeks later dressed back up in their wedding clothes to celebrate with their fam and friends. Before the reception, we had a mini session with some magical city/urban vibes near the reception spot.

Tropical Santa Barbara Courthouse Elopement // Diane and Trenton

Bride and groom at the sunken gardens at the Santa Barbara Courthouse

I totally dig it when people do WHAT THEY WANT for their wedding. Diane and Trent got ready at the quirky Goodland and had a short, intimate ceremony at the stunning & classy Santa Barbara Courthouse. Afterwards we spent an hour or so exploring the tropical grounds and Spanish-style architecture together.  

Fall Vineyard Wedding in Portland, Oregon // Kory and Dani

It turns out that Dani and Kory actually got married on THE perfect weekend: one week before and the vineyard leaves wouldn’t have turned yellow, one week after and they’d all have fallen off. Of course, the color of the leaves was only one small aspect of an overwhelmingly elegant, stunning, and perfect day. I […]

Copper Tones Wedding At Grey Matter Museum of Art // Jason and Katherine

This was one of the most magical, artsy, & heartfelt weddings I’ve had the privilege of photographing. Both Jason and Katherine are artists and REALLY sweet & caring people so I knew I was in for a treat all around (but was still blown away). Their colors were based on copper patina, and every detail […]

Pastel Backyard Wedding in Washington // Hayden and Amanda

I cannot say this enough- I LOVE BACKYARD WEDDINGS. Especially this one. Amanda and Hayden got hitched at Amanda’s parent’s new house (seriously, like hot-off-the-market-boxes-abound kind of new) off a ‘lil country road in Washington and it was wonderful. Features you do not want to miss: bunny hugging, the BEST bridal dress (actually separates, I’m […]

Magical Wedding at Wayfarers Chapel // Molly and Paul

Molly and Paul are freaking adorable together, and they have REAL GOOD TASTE when it comes to throwing parties. Prepare yourself for a bombardment of gorgeousness! There are a lot of photos but I promise it’s worth every finger scroll- just wait ’til you see the ceremony, oh yes. Bridal Gown: CocoMelody, LA Cake: Polly […]

Alex & Alyssa // Wedding in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

I’ve always loved backyard weddings because they give an intimate, meaningful glimpse into a bride and groom’s (and their families’) lives. Aled and Alyssa were wed at the home of Alex’s grandparents- in the same spot his parents were married! A perfectly sunny day, huge smiles, delicious cupcakes, dancing on the patio, and a sweet […]