Magical Engagement Session in Newport Beach, CA

Laura and Jesse wanted to do their engagement session at one of their favorite beaches, Little Corona Del Mar. “You mean Corona Del Mar State Beach?” I asked, because I had never heard of the little one and assumed that’s what they meant. But nope, turns out this little GEM of a beach exists in Southern California and I can’t believe I’ve lived within 20-something miles of it for 20-something years and had no idea. The tide pools and rock formations seemed to be straight off a movie set, and the light that afternoon kept getting more golden as the sun fell, and the waves grew higher and more magical as the tide rose, and the atmosphere grew thicker until this became a straight up unicorn photoshoot (you photographers know what I’m talking about, when the conditions of a session are PERFECT, as rare as seeing a unicorn).

Also. Jesse and Laura are the most wonderful kind of people. They are artists. They love nature. Like, REALLY love nature as in they want to walk among and and sit in and observe and breathe and touch nature, not like they want a few snaps of themselves in nature and then call it good. They are adventurers, they have a spirit of excitement but also SO calm and laid back. We spent a couple of hours together just looking, exploring, and making some rad art. I had the privilege of observing them together- Jesse, calm and collected, followed Laura around as she danced around the beach exploring and inspecting rocks and shells, and at the end of the session Jesse reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a whole handful of shells that Laura had secretly dropped in it throughout. Spoiler alert- the last photo is of Laura’s engagement ring with the shells she collected and it is SO CUTE. But don’t skip right to it- you’ll want to see the whole thing, believe me.

couple walking on tidepools in Newport Beach CAcouple sitting on rocks during sunset at the beachcouple looking at tidepools in Newport Beachcouple walking down the beach during sunsetcouple standing in the water during sunsetcouple kissing while standing in the water in Newport Beach CAcouple sitting on rocks with waves crashingcouple embracing with waves crashing behind them in Newport Beachcouple embracing surrounded by rocks at Newport Beach CA

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