Sunrise Proposal at Taft Point in Yosemite // Amanda and Trevor

What. A. Whirlwind. Trevor approached me about photographing his proposal, wondering if I had any ideas of where it should happen. He said they were heading to Yosemite with Amanda’s family for a vacation, so immediately I said I would be there in a heartbeat if they would get engaged on a clifftop overlooking the valley. He agreed. Fast forward to the middle of October, my pal Shaunna and I got up at the crack o’ dawn to drive to Yosemite and find a campsite. Pitched a tent, got 4 hours of sleep, the next day we were up at 4am to drive to the Taft Point parking lot and prepare to hike in the dark to a cliffside we had never been to before (btw, I had ONLY ever seen Yosemite as a young kid, so imagine my surprise seeing it basically for the first time at sunrise……..) We didn’t have cell service so we just prayed that Trevor would stick to the plan to show up at the trail head at 5 with Amanda so we could secretly follow them down the path, under the guise that we were just tourists looking to see the sunrise at the point as well. Thankfully they showed up on time and we got out of our car in 35 degree weather in the pitch black to follow them at a distance. The only thing we could see besides our own lantern at our feet was a tiny swinging light between the black shapes of the trees in the darkness ahead. We arrived at the cliffs just as the light was beginning to illuminate our surroundings. The atmosphere in the valley was INCREDIBLE- not only was there morning fog, but the smoke from fires nearby added even more glorious light. The proposal could not have gone smoother…Amanda had NO CLUE any of it was happening- she thought Shaunna and I were random passersby as we were photographing, and Trevor had to tell her that we were actually friends local to Orange County, LOL! Right after the shoot Shaunna and I drove back to our campsite, packed up, and drove right home. This was absolutely my kind of proposal- adventurous, risky, gorgeous.



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